ICS has worked with global online trading and investments group INFINOX Capital for 3+ years. IX is a brand that offers both B2C and B2B trading products and services across a variety of regions around the world including AMEA, SEA, Latin America and the UK.

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12-month increase in keyword rankings
12-month increase in organic traffic
Reduction in CPM




The Campaign

As INFINOX Capital's agency partner, we adopted a comprehensive SEO strategy that allowed us to effectively drive organic growth worldwide - amidst the backdrop of challenging finance regulatory environments on a local level. 

Achieving international growth across over a dozen multilingual markets has required a collaborative, reactive and flexible approach to content-driven and off-page SEO - which have been the main cornerstones of our partnership with IX to date.

The Approach

After 2+ years of delivering a comprehensive and successful SEO strategy for INFINOX across a number of international markets, ICS was asked to leverage its paid media expertise to take on the management of IX’s paid search and paid social channels. 

Across LATAM, Thailand and Korea, ICS has supported IX with: 

  • Auditing ad accounts across multiple channels and continents.
  • Launching and optimising ad accounts across multiple channels, including programmatic.
  • Improving goal tracking, supporting with conversion tracking for various ad accounts.
  • Growing brand beyond home regions, as far as Asia and LATAM in local languages.
  • In-depth and ongoing competitor analysis.
  • Guiding the design and creative specifications.
  • Regaining brand click share from competitors.

The Results

IX has seen significant gains from both a paid and organic perspective as a result of our collaboration:

  • Total keyword rankings increased by 456%.
  • Total estimated organic traffic has increased by 195%.
  • Total impressions in Google increased by 783%, while total clicks increased by 135%.
  • Brand term growth of 148% year over year.
  • CPM costs reduced by as much as 86%.

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Tony Grant, Head of SEO at INFINOX Capital:

"I've had the privilege of working with ICS for the past three years, and the experience has been nothing short of exceptional…
"I can't recommend ICS highly enough. If you're in the market for a digital marketing agency that is competent, personable, and unequivocally effective, look no further."

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