Just Eat

Just Eat, the world’s leading online takeaway service, worked with ICS-digital to deliver an agile digital PR campaign with a rapid activation. We achieved exceptional results in terms of both coverage and SEO value in just four weeks.

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Just Eat


Ecommerce, Food and Drink, B2C

The Campaign

Just Eat approached ICS-digital to support a geo-specific content marketing campaign in the UK, focusing on promoting the time-sensitive but commercially valuable Lunch Legends campaign.

The Approach

Just Eat collaborated with our expert digital PR team with the aim of:

  • Increasing awareness of the ‘Lunch Legends’ campaign* Increasing the level and improving the quality of engagement with the brand
  • Increasing traffic to the ‘Lunch Legends’ campaign landing pages*
  • Improving rankings for campaign-related keywords, including “free lunch” and “Lunch Legend”

The Results

ICS-digital made use of our long-held relationships with bloggers in the UK and with contacts at national newspapers and magazines to publish campaign-relevant material online.

Within one week of the campaign going live, over 17,500 people had read the content published across blogs, newspapers, and magazines including UniLad, Cosmopolitan, and Hello! Magazine.

More impressively, almost 2.5 million people viewed our content on social media.

By the end of the four-week campaign, the client was ranking in first position on Google for relevant keywords including “free lunch” and “Lunch Legend”.

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