Creative Design That Demands Attention

ICS-digital is a creative agency in Leeds that goes beyond the written word. Our in-house design team adds style and flair to any content campaign.

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Expert In-house Design Team

We don’t just create compelling copy and content; we bring it to life. As a leading creative agency in Leeds, we’re able to support all written content with graphics, video and audio.

Whatever the project calls for, our in-house designers achieve creative and effective results.

Creative graphic design can be combined with any of our core services to make content more compelling, boost media coverage and earn the attention of customers across social media.

Collaborative Creative Design

Our in-house design team doesn’t work in isolation. ICS is a multifaceted creative design agency that takes marketing campaigns from conception to execution.

This means our departments interlink and communicate on how best to deliver a project, whatever the medium.

Our designers are involved in the creative process from the start to ensure their work complements the campaign as a whole. We'll work with you every step of the way to ensure your vision is brought to life.

Rich Media Experience

ICS-digital's creative design services go further than just static images. Our team enhances your presence and amplifies reach with in-depth native-language video and audio content, utilising our 20+ media studios.

We use rich media content to maximise the SEO potential of client sites, provide fuel for social media campaigns and unmissable advertisements to convert visitors into customers.

We have a diverse team of creatives to call on, including designers, animators, editors, producers, content managers and more - and they're ready when you are.

Valuable Industry Expertise

Our creative design team worked with the NHS and Public Health England on the Future Doctor Programme. This cross-departmental project saw our designers collaborate with content writers, researchers and medical professionals to create a national report.

Alongside similar projects with IG Prime, our creative team have added style and creativity to official reports, marketing content and social media campaigns.

We're Dedicated to our Clients and Continually Work to Maximise Their ROI

Put Us to the Test

Whether you want straight-talking feedback on your go-to-market plan from our seasoned digital experts, or have a specific project in mind, you'll always receive a rapid reply from us - so let's start the discussion.

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