Legal SEO: Digital Marketing Excellence for Law Firms

Every subset of the legal sector is competitive and highly regulated so it is vital that your digital marketing agency knows how to build visibility and engage potential clients in a compliant, impactful and sustainable way. Expertise, Authority and Trust are central to all ICS-digital strategies.

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Responsible and Scalable Digital Marketing for Law

The legal sector is one of the most competitive regulated industries, and one where reputation cannot be compromised in the pursuit of new clients.

More than this, in online advertising, high-demand legal keywords around negligence, family law, claims and private litigation are costly and a misaligned strategy can result in costs spiralling while firms miss out on qualified traffic.

At ICS-digital, we specialise in highly regulated sectors and bring a judicious and data-led approach to campaign strategy. From here, we go further than any other agency to delver cost-effective, complete digital marketing campaigns for law and professional services firms of all sizes and specialisms.

From competitor insights, analysis and planning through to subject-matter-expert content, technical SEO and conversion rate optimisation through to amplifying your brand through our thousands of publisher relationships and creative PR campaigns, we're the ultimate safe pair of hands for law firms who require relevant traffic, and actionable leads.

E-E-A-T-Friendly Legal Marketing and Content Creation

E-E-A-T stands for Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust – four things that Google has been explicit about prioritising.

Particularly in Y-M-Y-L (your money or your life) industries like law, falling behind in E-E-A-T content and signals can lead to otherwise strong sites and brands not having the rankings they might expect.

This is particularly true in the legal sector, where instructing a solicitor or (for example) making a personal injury claim are often described as 'distress purchases' - and therefore, gaining users' trust - and demonstrating expertise to Google - is critical.

There are many ways to build authority, demonstrate expertise and earn trust and engagement, with E-A-T applying at both a website and individual author level, and all of our content marketing strategies are crafted with this in mind.

Local SEO for Law Firms & Professional Services

Local SEO is particularly important for law and legal firms, whose business model often sees companies attract customers from a targeted geographical area, rather than nationally or internationally.

This approach requires expertise in both the highly regulated legal industry, as well as a grounding in best practices for local SEO. Our team specialise in competitive and compliance-heavy industries and have years of experience in delivering digital marketing campaigns for law companies.

We've worked with a number of leading law firms in the UK, Ireland and beyond to improve their local SEO credentials, with an extensive knowledge of managing and optimising Google My Business listings, in addition to deploying on- and off-site SEO excellence.

A Complete Law SEO Service

We offer comprehensive digital marketing strategies to allow our clients to compete effectively in the legal sector. Some of our most popular SEO services for law firms include:

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