Ten Ways To Overcome A Blogging Mindblock

When you’re blogging on a daily basis, or even several times a week, you may find it difficult to keep coming up with original and interesting content without fail. However, the best bloggers on the web don’t get disheartened when they encounter blogging mind blocks. They simply find other ways to find great content ideas. Here are some of the best suggestions.

​Re-post an old blog post. This may sound like a lazy idea but it can be great if you put a new spin on it and make it relevant to recent events. Subscribe to Google Alerts for a particular keyword and use the news which arrives in your inbox as inspiration. While you’re at it, subscribe to RSS feeds from a particular news site and pick up on any quirky stories that can be commented on easily. Have a look at websites which monitor what topics are hot on the blogosphere. See if you can put an interesting spin on this topic. Or, ask your blog followers to suggest a topic for you and use it for your next blog. If you know someone who is famous or renowned for offering a particular service or product, see if you can conduct an interview with them. If you blog about a particular industry or niche, see if you can make a prediction about future trends or hot topics. The good thing about predictions is you can be as wild as you like and it doesn’t matter whether or not they become reality. Think about something that has annoyed or excited you recently. Blog about why such an extreme reaction was provoked and ask others to leave feedback about whatever it was that stirred your emotions. Provide some useful information. Some of the most popular content on the web is anything that helps people to solve a simple problem. The same rule applies to television. Morning TV programmes are full of features about how to clean your fridge in five minutes flat, how to remove chewing gum from your hair, and how to remove wine stains from the carpet. Take a news story and make it applicable to your own life. See what stories are really making the headlines and think about how it has impacted on a small-scale on your own life recently. Ultimately, if you can’t think of anything to say, you may decide not to blog for a while. However, you really should be aware of the impact that this can have. Your loyal followers may feel let down and look elsewhere and new visitors will choose to click away to a site which is updated regularly and reliably.

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