SEO Whitepaper: 6 Predictions for Onsite Content and Technical SEO from 2021 to 2022

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As we move forwards in an uncertain 2021, there’s still a lot for SEO professionals to take on board from a practical onsite and technical SEO perspective.

Beyond the intricacies of strategy, it also feels like there’s potential scope for a renewal of the SEO discipline itself.

With constrained budgets, market uncertainty and major changes to how businesses operate, informed and growth-focused SEOs can take on a greater role to enhance understanding of what SEO strategies can achieve in business terms, while also delivering on those same opportunities.

ICS-digital has assembled a panel of SEO experts from some of the most competitive industries around, to add critical context around some of our boldest predictions for SEO in the year ahead.

Download our whitepaper to read commentary from Chris Algar, Head of SEO at Sykes Holiday Cottages; Nitin Manchanda, Chief Growth Officer at CuddlyNest; Sean Barber, SEO Manager at Vitabiotics and Yakita Seth, Websites Manager at Page Group, on the following predictions for onsite content and technical SEO from 2021 to 2022:

  1. The Definition (and Impact) of “Quality Content” Will Become Much Clearer
  2. Long-form Content Will Deliver More Than Just Rankings
  3. Commitment to Core Web Vitals and Technical SEO Will Become Commonplace – But CWV Won’t Be a Defining Ranking Factor
  4. Familiar Mistakes Will be Made – But Solutions Are Available
  5. Even If Marketing Budgets Are Constrained In 2021, The Best SEOs Will Make Gains

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