The First ICS-digital Wellness Walk

ICS-digital Wellness Walk at Ilkley

Last weekend, team members from across ICS embarked on the first Wellness Walk across Ilkley Moor. The day included a nine-mile hike followed by an amazing pub lunch, which was definitely needed by the time we arrived.

Across the team, we are encouraged to speak up about our ideas and interests. If there’s an activity someone is passionate about, there are always others who would love to get involved as well. As it turns out, hiking is very popular at ICS-digital and so the idea of regular Wellness Walks was born!

Despite a grey start to the morning, we were reminded just how lucky we are to work and live so close to this landscape as we passed beautiful views and landmarks. At just a short train ride away, the moors offer a stunning escape from the busy streets of Leeds.

Hiking has proven benefits for physical and mental health, boosting creativity, positivity, and overall energy levels.

The calm of the surroundings was definitely appreciated, along with the scenery and fresh air. Regular walks in nature can be a great tool to aid mental wellbeing and promote a sense of contentment, allowing us to start the new week feeling refreshed.

Moreover, the trek not only provided a great opportunity to get out into the picturesque countryside surrounding Leeds, but also gave all who attended the chance to get to know colleagues they may not otherwise chat to on a day-to-day basis.

Some who joined the hike have been with ICS-digital for years and some just a couple of weeks. We’re a friendly, collaborative team so it was great to welcome new faces on the walk.

We’re all in agreement that the first Wellness Walk was a huge success and hopefully, this was the first of many more to come!