Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024: Zoltán Tűndik Interview

Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024

The Prague Gaming & TECH Summit runs from the 25th to 27th March and our Head of SEO Chris Mawson will be in attendance flying the flag for ICS.

In anticipation of the event, event organiser Zoltán Tűndik took some time out to share his view of the state of the industry and the focus of the international events he and his HIPTHER colleagues run:

What can you say about HIPTHER events and how they’ve evolved over time? How about the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit specifically?

HIPTHER events have showcased a steady evolution over time, underscoring our adaptability and forward-thinking approach in the dynamic sectors of igaming and technology. 

From the inception of individual conferences to the strategic merging of thematic areas, we have continually aimed to bridge the gaps between industries, foster innovation, and facilitate meaningful conversations among stakeholders from around the globe.

Zoltan Tundik

The Prague Gaming & TECH Summit, in particular, stands as a testament to this evolutionary journey. Starting as a focused gaming conference, it has expanded its horizons by integrating with the TECH Conference series, thereby broadening its appeal and relevance to include a wider array of topics such as AI, fintech, blockchain, and more. This transformation reflects a commitment to not only keeping pace with industry trends but also anticipating future directions and challenges.

Similarly, the MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit has followed a parallel path. Launched in 2018 and hosted in a different Baltic capital each year, it has mirrored the Prague Summit's approach by also merging with the TECH Conference series. 

This event has become a pivotal gathering point in the Baltic region, offering insights into both regional and global trends within the gaming and tech landscapes.

As someone who collaborates with gaming and technology brands internationally, you get exposed to a lot of different viewpoints – do you feel like brands are more optimistic or more conservative about growth in 2024?

From my interactions with igaming and technology brands internationally via our meetups, podcast and events, there's a palpable sense of cautious optimism about growth this year. 

Many brands are strategically navigating the uncertainties of the global market, leveraging innovative technologies and adapting to emerging trends to secure their positions. 

While the overarching sentiment leans towards optimism, especially in sectors ripe for digital transformation, brands are also mindful of economic indicators and geopolitical dynamics, adopting a more measured approach to expansion. 

This balance between optimism and conservatism reflects a mature industry outlook, emphasising sustainable growth in a rapidly evolving landscape. Which in the end, is all good!

Are there any topics you wish that event participants could speak more openly about?

Certainly, there are several critical topics I believe event participants could benefit from discussing more openly.

Cybersecurity is among the priorities, as the increasing digitalization of our world presents both opportunities and vulnerabilities. A candid dialogue on emerging threats and collaborative security measures can empower brands to protect themselves and their users. Hence, us having a representative of EUROPOL cybercrime among the speakers. 

Similarly, discussions on artificial intelligence should delve deeper into ethical considerations, potential biases, and its transformative impact across industries. 

Moreover, adaptation to regulation and the importance of constructive government engagement are essential topics. Open conversations about how stringent or relaxed regulations affect the industry, and the unintended encouragement of black markets when governments opt for outright bans, can lead to more nuanced approaches and better outcomes for all stakeholders. 

Addressing these issues openly could lead to more robust, informed strategies that anticipate future challenges and opportunities.

Who would your ‘dream’ speakers be?

In choosing our 'dream' speakers, we don't play favourites; we genuinely appreciate the diverse perspectives and insights all our speakers bring to the table. Each individual contributes uniquely to the rich tapestry of discussion and learning we aim to foster. 

However, we are particularly excited about having Manel De Aguas, the Catalan cyborg and transpecies artist, joining us. 

His involvement adds a fascinating dimension to our content, blending the boundaries between technology, art, and the human experience. Manel's perspective promises to enrich our conversations, challenging us to think beyond conventional boundaries and consider the future of human-technology integration in new and thought-provoking ways.

Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2023

What markets do you feel are the most interesting based on your knowledge of the industry?

Based on our extensive exploration of various industries through events like the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit, the markets that stand out as particularly interesting are gaming and technology—specifically areas within tech that intersect with gaming, such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and blockchain. These fields are not only rapidly evolving but are also at the forefront of innovation, shaping how we interact, work, and play. 

Additionally, the regulatory landscapes and governmental attitudes towards these sectors add layers of complexity and intrigue, making them rich grounds for discussion and exploration. The dynamic interplay between technological advancements, market demands, and regulatory frameworks in these industries offers a fascinating glimpse into the future of digital and interactive entertainment.

What’s next for HIPTHER – what are your plans for the future and continuing to differentiate in a crowded events ecosystem?

Looking ahead, we are setting our sights on an ambitious goal for 2025: the development of three major hubs for content and meetings designed to foster deep, family-like connections among participants. This initiative aims to transcend the traditional conference experience, creating spaces where professionals can not only share knowledge but also build lasting relationships in a more intimate, collaborative environment. 

In a crowded events ecosystem, this focus on cultivating genuine connections and community sets us apart, emphasizing the value of personal interaction in driving forward industry innovation and collaboration. 

Our plans are grounded in the understanding that while we may not compete in scale with the largest event organizers, our strengths lie in our agility, flexibility, and innovation. This approach has historically allowed us to pioneer ideas that have been adopted across the industry, reflecting our role as trendsetters. 

Prague 2023

Our commitment to developing three major hubs for content and meetings by 2025 is an extension of this ethos. These hubs will not only facilitate the sharing of groundbreaking content but will also prioritize creating deep, family-like connections among participants, setting us apart in a crowded events ecosystem.

Our ability to move quickly, adapt to changes, and think creatively enables us to offer unique experiences characterized by high-quality content and intimate networking opportunities. In doing so, we focus on the value of personal connections and the impact of collaborative learning..

By nurturing these hubs, we plan to offer a unique blend of cutting-edge content and unparalleled networking opportunities, ensuring that every attendee leaves with valuable insights and meaningful contacts. This strategic evolution reflects our commitment to enriching the professional landscape, making HIPTHER a beacon for those seeking to make a real impact in their fields.

ICS-digital's Head of SEO Chris Mawson will be in attendance at the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit for the second year in a row, discussing AI, SGE and the ever-changing SEO landscape in 2024. Find out how ICS can help you navigate a highly volatile search landscape with our expert tech SEO consultancy services.