National Brownie Day: December 8th’s Big Baking Bonanza!

Yes, that’s right – it’s that time of year again. The month of December is upon us and rather than racing to get the office Christmas decorations from the cupboards, our team has stocked up on brownie mix, with whisks at the ready for National Brownie Day.

Rumoured to have originated in 19th century America, National Brownie Day has risen to prominence over the years to become greater than all the other National days celebrated on the calendar – even Christmas. This is, quite literally, Christmas come early for baked goods-enthusiasts across the globe!

ICS-digital have taken note of the mass-media surge towards December 8th – also known as ‘Brownie-gate’ – and have decided to rustle up some of their own to join in the fun.


One entrant of note was Celia Roche, whose hedonistic blend of cake and cookie sent shockwaves through the office, garnering unprecedented reviews not seen since, well, the last office fuddle (and we do like a fuddle!).

Celia’s blood, sweat and tears (hopefully not literally!) went into her efforts for National Brownie Day, with Junaid Khan declaring that “these brownies are bad-boy, man!”, and Charlotte Green noting that “this time the addition of milky bar white chocolate really shone through”.

Claire Siblot – our go-to-girl for all things French – remarked that “the fact that they are slightly overcooked (as Celia was doing her nails at the time) gave them unprecedented levels of Je Ne Sais Quoi”. If anyone knows about overcooked food in this office, it’s unquestionably Claire Siblot.

You don’t earn the moniker of making the ‘Best Brownies in the West (Yorkshire)’ without a strong word of mouth factor, but talk of Celia’s brownies has been sweeping the region. Marigold Warner talked up the speculation, saying: “I have heard many rumours about Celia's legendary brownies and they exceeded expectations – best brownies in Leeds”! It’s as simple as that.


So, there you have it, Celia’s brownies take top crown for ‘Brownie-gate’ 2016 – they really took the biscuit. Oops, I probably shouldn’t name a rival on such a sacred day. That’s like going down to Elland Road on a Saturday and screaming Man United chants at the top of your lungs – it will only end in tears.

That’s all from us until National Champagne Day, which is conveniently placed on New Year’s Eve (I know what I’ll be drinking!) – there was much deliberation over whether covering December 30th’s National Bicarbonate of Soda day might prove more of a hit, but the champers on ice eventually won by majority vote. I’ve demanded a recount on this but I’m yet to hear back from HR….

Tom is the Digital PR and Marketing Executive here at ICS-digital. Follow him on Twitter: @twardman7