Why Knowledge of Languages is Our Doorway to Wisdom

"Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom." This Roger Bacon quote reflects the power of language very well. And believe me, here at ICS-digital, we know just how powerful languages can be!

Becoming international has become a common goal for many individuals and businesses, but sometimes we may wonder why this is important. Well, let’s check it out by breaking down the quote above:

Knowledge of languages

In how many circumstances have we found ourselves translating a text or simply a word? From travel experiences to professional purposes, I'm sure we’ve all found ourselves checking the meaning of a phrase to understand what it means. And, where did you go to? Google? Oh yes, it’s our best bet when it comes to searches and queries.

Here is a fun fact: Did you know that Google provided its services in just 10 languages back in 2000? This was just two years after the search giant was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and it now caters to over 129 languages – including the infamous Pig Latin and even Klingon! Many wouldn’t even know that there were that many languages…

Google’s translation tool, the aptly named Google Translate, worked out as well as expected. But even with such a powerful tool, you can’t deny the fact that when translating the passage or phrase you had in mind, you can still remain in the same situation you began: lost. This is because the translation we get is very literal, and doesn’t quite fit within the context the text was originally written in.

This is where what we call localisation comes in – which can provide a natural translation that takes into account context, linguistic issues and local considerations. Unsurprisingly, your best bet to localise your content, or business as a whole, is by hiring locals from the specific area you’re aiming to reach.

Doorway to wisdom

Being multilingual has increasingly become an aim for many people nowadays. When we look at those who know more than one language, we may think “how lucky” or feel somewhat envious – but the truth is that we all can learn a second language! Thanks to the internet, communication and accessibility barriers have been broken, giving us access to all things international.

And for international marketers like us, working with locals is a must. By working with specialised local experts across 58 territories and 42 languages, we able to ensure our clients' content is perfectly tailored and localised to meet the needs of the region-specific audience they are looking to target.

Of course, this international experience is not only beneficial from a work perspective. Looking at it from a personal point of view, working within an international culture is an all-around very rewarding experience – it not only helps you understand other people’s habits and different ways of thinking, but it also allows you to build a connection with your colleagues. Today's world has blurred the cultural barriers thanks to the latest developments in information and communication.

Do you think the same way, and are you looking to start a career in an international company like ICS? Head to our careers page, because we might just have the perfect role for you.