What to Consider When Choosing Your Next Translation Agency

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30th September marks International Translation Day – a day when we pay tribute to language professionals all over the world and the vital role translation plays in global connectivity.

As a multilingual agency with a passion for content, we (along with our recently re-branded sister agency ICS-translate) understand the value of experienced, highly-skilled linguists more than most. Accurate translation and localisation can propel your brand on a global scale, help to carve your position within the market and give you a seat at the table for the international conversations you want to be part of.   

Selecting a translation provider is no easy feat. Ensuring your content conveys brand and product messaging accurately whilst recognising local sensitivities can be the difference between sink or swim. Get it wrong and you run the risk of alienating potential customers or causing damage to your brand’s reputation. 

So, to celebrate International Translation Day we’ve decided to delve into the key factors you should consider when selecting your next translation provider.

A Robust Workflow

When selecting a translation agency, one of the first things you should enquire about is their processes and procedures. Any reputable translation agency should have a clear procedure for every stage in the process; from initial briefing, identifying brand guidelines and tone of voice, establishing preferred file delivery format, right through to proofreading and amendment reconciliation.

Whilst a solid process should provide some assurances that you are in safe hands, a good agency will also be able to work flexibly where needed. Consider which services you require (translation, translation plus editing and QA), whether your deadlines need to adhere to particular time zones or if you require the text to be uploaded via your own content management system. The agency should be able to propose solutions depending on your needs.

Accreditation and Certification

To ensure you receive the level of service and quality you expect, it’s important to look for agencies that have attained the ISO 17100 certification. This demonstrates that the agency has met the necessary criteria as determined by an independent auditor. Such criteria include: ensuring minimum qualification requirements are met for all translators, ensuring core processes are established and executed to a high standard and that the agency is adhering to internationally-recognised best practice. 

Industry Specialisation

Whichever sector your brand sits within, you want to be sure that the agency has the specific expertise to convey your messaging and terminology effectively. For instance, if your brand sits within a regulated industry such as finance, iGaming or health, it’s critical that the terminology used is accurate and complies with all regulatory directives.

Any successful agency with satisfied clients should be happy to shout about them. Case studies and testimonials available on the agency’s website or services pack should give you an initial indication of the scope and diversity of the agency’s specialisms. For added peace of mind, you may wish to request a call in advance of any work going ahead to discuss your requirements, or request a sample piece to give you a flavour of the agency’s work.

Translation goes far beyond words on a page. It’s about instilling confidence in your brand, broadening your reach, ensuring communication is fit for purpose, and a whole lot more.

If you’d like to chat about how we can help you achieve your international goals, get in touch with us here.