ICS-digital in 2022: Our Progress So Far

Charlotte Green and Matt Roche at ICS-digital international digital marketing agency

Continued Turnover Growth 

Last year, we saw an 11% year-on-year increase in revenue versus what was a surprisingly strong 2020 for us. 

Although it’s early days, this year we’ve so far managed to continue that rapid progress, including a number of record-breaking revenue months for the agency. 

Numbers certainly don’t tell the whole story, but achievements like this are huge for us, and testament to the hard work of every single team in the business.  

Delivery, delivery, delivery 

It’s no secret that with success, there comes the risk of complacency. As an agency with a 14+ year history, we’ve been there before in terms of elbowing off complacency at the door when we’ve had really strong periods of growth, and now certainly isn’t the time for us to be resting on our laurels, especially given the wider economic conditions present at the moment. 

It certainly helps that we serve clients in highly competitive industries and that always keeps us on our toes but more generally, we’ve pushed full-steam ahead with creating more sophisticated client progress trackers, currently being fine-tuned by our talented design team, which will allow us to better visualise blockers before they become blockers, in order to keep our clients happy and to keep over-communicating news, whether positive or negative. 

We’ll also be rolling out client satisfaction surveys next quarter, which will hopefully cement the positive feedback we get informally each day, but may equally point out anything which we need to improve on to become a better partner to our clients worldwide.  

Launching our new website 

Our design and dev, SEO, and marketing teams have done a stellar job over the last few months getting our new website ready for launch, often fitting in the work alongside urgent client projects. The result is a cleaner, far more responsive website that truly reflects the services we offer, and the ways in which we can help clients from a really diverse range of sectors. 

One of my personal favourite sections of the new site is the case studies section, and in particular the case study highlighting the hefty piece of content work we did pre-pandemic for the NHS. That’s a project I’ll always be proud of the team for working so well on alongside a client that truly accepted us as an extension of their team, which is exactly the way we like to work.  

A March Christmas party! 

I’ve tried my best to get through a company update without mentioning Covid, and to be fair I did pretty well! Covid scuppered our plans last December and we had to cancel our Christmas party at short notice, so it was great to be able to get the team back together for a belated celebration in March. Rewarding the hard work of the team is important to us as a business, and it was a real priority of ours to get the party rearranged once Covid allowed. Roll on a hopefully more normal Christmas later this year!