ICE and iGB Affiliate London 2022: Who Is Attending?

ICE and iGB Affiliate London 2022: Who Is Attending?

ICE and iGB Affiliate London are the biggest events in the world in the iGaming calendar - it's an amazing chance to connect with iGaming professionals from all over the world who we may not get the chance to see that often.  

In this blog we gathered some insight about specific roles of some of the professionals from ICS-digital and ICS-translate who are attending the events and how they can support you with their knowledge and expertise.  

Luke Kenna, who is part of the Business Development team said:  

A key part of my job is to collaborate with brands from Spanish and Portuguese-speaking parts of the world, I really look forward to this aspect of attending those events.
Attending events such as ICE and iGB Affiliate is just a shed load of fun, everyone is in good spirits and it's a fantastic opportunity to meet new contacts, share ideas and listen to insightful talks around trends within digital marketing in iGaming, and of course make new friends!
A huge part of my role is to support with developing bespoke client strategies across different multilingual markets. As well as providing insights into the most realistic and effective opportunities for our iGaming clients in terms of organic online growth, at an international scale.

For anyone who is interested in the process of managing integrated campaigns on an international scale you can speak to Chloe Sunderland who is a Senior Project Manager at ICS-digital and can provide deep insight into her daily responsibilities while working with clients.  

When asked about what she is looking forward to the most at the events and what value she brings to the clients on the daily basis, she said:

“Meeting with our existing clients is what I am looking forward to the most as we are in constant communication and collaborate daily so it will be nice to see them face-to-face rather than talking over email and video call.
At ICS-digital I am a Senior Project Manager so I can provide great insight into how our team works together on all projects to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.
Since at ICS-digital we deliver range of services related to global SEO, link acquisition, digital PR and content marketing, so a large part of my role is delivering integrated international, multimarket marketing projects and campaigns for our clients on time and within budget.
Being a key client contact for lots of accounts across all our services, I enjoy establishing long-standing and successful collaborations as well as building rapport with our clients, which is one of the reasons why I'm really looking forward to meeting them in person again.”

Sister brand of ICS-digital – ICS-translate will also be attending with Zhanna Zaytseva, Maria Savelieva, Jack Kelly and Iya Brocklehurst as representatives.  

When we spoke to Zhanna Zaytseva who is the Director of ICS-translate she succinctly said:  

“ICS-translate delivers translation, localisation and SEO services - in partnership with ICS-digital - in over 100+ languages.
I have been part of the ICS-translate and ICS-digital team for the past 10 years and I became the Director of ICS-translate 4 years ago.
I have been involved with translation and localisation throughout my entire career and I have developed a deep understanding of the iGaming industry while working at ICS-translate and ICS-digital.
Attending events such as ICE is a great opportunity to meet people that I have been working with for over the past few years.”

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