Sun, Refreshments and a Flutter at Ripon Races

Last week the ICS-digital and ICS-translate teams were gathered at Ripon Races for an afternoon of sunshine, food and a few flutters on the horses.

It was great for us all to be together - our approach to flexible working combined with being active across so many international projects means that it’s not often that we’re all in one location.

Speaking of locations - it was clear to see why Ripon Races are known as “Yorkshire’s Garden Racecourse”.

With food and beverages to meet all tastes, and with team members in attendance from over 12 countries, conversation topics were similarly broad.

While nobody had any life-changing winnings, there were some savvy punters who finished the day comfortably in the black.With plenty of greenery, music and refreshments it was a great day out - who know what our next event will be?We’re always open to new talented team members - check out our latest vacancies.