The Most ‘Social’ World Cup of All Time

Since June 2013, the term “World Cup” has received over 19 million social media mentions across 196 countries. It has managed to beat the 2010 World Cup in terms of social networking, even before the opening ceremony last night.

This incredible online presence is having a noticeable effect on advertising companies. Traditional media, TV included, will certainly enjoy a predictable upsurge in advertising revenue, but in 2014 the real winners are social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter; advertisers are concentrating most of their energy and resources in tapping into these sectors to achieve the greatest impact.

The social networking websites are also putting a valiant amount of effort into expanding the reach of their websites throughout the World Cup period. Twitter has reintroduced the quirky ‘hashflags’. By typing a hashtag followed by the three letter abbreviation of a country, a small image of the country’s flag appears in the tweet, getting everyone into the football spirit. It even goes so far as to end its emotive advert with the statement: “For 32 days the whole world dreams the same dream”.

Facebook is following suit by introducing a ‘Trending World Cup’ page to create a similar feel of instant communication as Twitter. It offers exciting features such as easily accessed World Cup highlights and an interactive ‘Fan Map’, showing where particular players’ fans live.

Tom Ramsden, the global brand marketing for Adidas Football, said that the 2014 FIFA World Cup will probably be the “most social event in history”. If the pre-kick-off social media frenzy is anything to go by, he will not be wrong.

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