Social Media Tips from Six Successful Bloggers

Social Media week kicks off on the 12th September!

We asked bloggers to share some of their best social media tips with us.

Here are some of our faves – feel free to share your own in the comments below!

Beth M (Career Girl Daily) @careergirldaily

Our social media tip would be to never treat your various social media profiles the same.

Each network has its own strengths and weaknesses, and different strategies work for each. It takes some time to figure out, but don't post the same content across all your channels, or if you do, make sure you're doing it in an innovative way each time.

Anna Johnson (Marketing Team) @cardio_tech

Social Media is just as its name suggests (social) so it isn’t just about blasting out your own content via your social channels and making your profiles all about you. Create relationships with other bloggers, share and connect with others' content and posts. And I don’t just mean ‘Great post!’ comments. Offer something of value that adds to the conversation and shows you did actually read the article.

Broaden your network by tagging other bloggers in your posts and interacting with their pages. Like other bloggers' social media pages and show your support. You never know, they might even like you back.

Lindsay Emow (Founder and Editor) @ChampagneAndBluejeans

My biggest tip for Instagram is to take photos of absolutely everything.

The more you post the better, however, the phrase "quality over quantity" still matters. For every 50 photos, you may only use two, but it is so important to have a steady stream of photos to put up on your Instagram to remain on your followers' minds. Especially with the new algorithm, you have to post, minimum, once a day.

Have a file on your phone just for photos that are ready to share.

Cori Sue Morris (Co-Founder) @BtchesWhoBrunch

Create a content calendar on Trello. Then, utilise helpful social media apps like Buffer, Hootsuite and Echofon to schedule content.

Decide certain filters and resolutions for your images on Instagram and do so consistently. Edit your photos in VSCO—or use a DSLR camera that links over Wi-Fi, transferring the high-res images to your phone.

Be authentic and consistent—your users want to know what kind of content to expect at certain times.

Use a few select social media platforms. You don't have to be on all of them. Better to be more successful on one or two.

Katie (Blogger) @TravelingPanties

Once you post something on Twitter it’s pretty much lost into a never-ending timeline of content unless you repost it and resuscitate. And with Facebook’s algorithm, good luck getting content seen unless you sponsor it and pay to have it shown!

I swear by StumbleUpon and Pinterest. StumbleUpon will not only help you find totally rad content but it will help you share yours and see a spike in traffic as a result! Pinterest is the other social media engine that has given me the most bang for my buck! People – real people – actually use it to search for things and save posts that they want to remember and come back to.

Mike McRitchie (Career & SME strategist) @mikemcritchie

Choose one social platform and get really good at it. Don't diffuse your effort by trying to do everything.

Review social media shares (as tracked by your site's social media plug-in - such as BuzzSumo) so you know what social media channels are worth your effort.

Write long ‘how to’ blog posts (1,000 to 2,500 words) and share those on key social media channels. Longer blog posts tend to get shared more, particularly if they address a hot button problem your audience has.