Happy Yorkshire Day! Let's Celebrate Some of our Best Businesses

It's that time of the year again when the counties of the UK gaze longingly at Yorkshire and wish they could be just as great as we are.

Yes, August 1, 2016, marks the latest incarnation of Yorkshire Day and across the county there will be celebrations aplenty from those who live, breathe and revel in God’s Own County.

Of course, if we had it our way here at ICS-digital, Yorkshire Day would be a daily occurrence, not least because we've got so much to be proud of. From the Dales and the Moors to Yorkshire puddings and real ale, there's plenty to shout about when it comes to our fair county.

In fact, over the last few decades there's been something of a business boom in Yorkshire. Built on the principles of hard work, quality products and a way with customers, Yorkshire companies have taken the UK (and the world) by storm in recent years.

So, to get into the spirit of Yorkshire Day, we thought we'd pick out some of the county's brightest business sparks and tell you why we think they're reet good!

Yorkshire Tea

You can't talk about Yorkshire businesses without mentioning one of the biggest and best: Yorkshire Tea. Founded by Charles Edward Taylor in 1886 and based in Harrogate ever since, the company literally embodies the community spirit of the county in everything it does.

Indeed, Yorkshire Tea is one of the few remaining family-owned tea companies in the UK and it's this sense of heritage and loyalty that's helped it become the third biggest brand in the industry. However, just as tradition is important, Yorkshire Tea has also innovated in recent years and, today, you can enjoy Yorkshire Tea cakes, tea shops and even cookery courses. Cheers!

Harrison Spinks

If you really want to snooze in comfort, then Leeds' Harrison Spinks is where you need to lay your head. Founded back in 1840, this bed manufacturer is not only striving for excellence, but innovation.

Using the motto "innovation never sleeps," the company has its own in-house laboratory where researchers use state-of-the-art looms to produce next-generation mattresses. In fact, as well as getting our seal of approval, the company won two Queen's Awards for Enterprise in 2013 and, more recently a European Business Award.

Red's True BBQ

You might think the best food in Yorkshire is its puddings, but head to Cloth Hall Street in Leeds and you might just change your mind. Home to Red's True BBQ, this place is less of a restaurant and more of a meat Mecca.

Offering a true taste of American BBQ, the reason this place has thrived is because it treats meat like a religion and each year the owners take a road trip (their pilgrimage) across the USA to find the latest and greatest BBQ recipes. Basically, if you want a taste of the Deep South in the north, Red's True BBQ is the place to go.

Love Rouge Bakery

Continuing Yorkshire's great food tradition is Love Rouge Bakery. Born out of two students' need for cash and a love of cakes, this Headingly-based business hits the spot for a number of reasons.

Naturally, bespoke cupcakes and deliciously rich butter cream is always going to win over the masses, but Love Rouge Bakery has also become something of a local hangout. The vintage décor harks back to the days of classic tea shops, and with the owners inviting students to revise and dine with locally roasted coffee and homemade sweet treats, this place has become a huge hit.


What's the worst thing about being ill and needing to renew your medication? The answer: having to get out of bed, ask the doctor for a repeat prescription and then collect your meds. Understanding the inconvenience of this system, pharmacist Daniel Lee decided to make patients' lives easier by setting up Pharmacy2u.

Founded back in 2001 and based in Leeds, the company takes the legwork out of obtaining a repeat prescription. Through its network of trained pharmacists and delivery drivers, Pharmacy2u will deliver medication to people across Yorkshire at no extra cost. What's more, the company's medical experts also work with patients to refine their treatment so they can get the best possible outcome!

As you can see, Yorkshire is literally bursting with talent. In fact, the businesses we have picked only form the tip of a very large iceberg. When you start to factor in gems like Leeds-List, Morrisons, Stroma and Cocoon, you can see that the list of business talent across the county just goes on and on and on.

So, on that note: Happy Yorkshire Day!