Don’t Overlook the Importance of Mobile Optimisation

We know it is important for companies to take into account mobile optimisation (MO) - so why are so many of them still overlooking it?

What is Mobile Optimisation?

Many factors account for mobile optimisation, namely site design, user experience (UX) and page speed. The aim of mobile optimisation is to ensure that the user has the best experience possible, both visually and practically.

Why is Mobile Optimisation Important?

We mentioned it in our 2016 digital marketing predictions but if you fail to optimise for mobile, you will miss out on potential customers and potential revenue!

Loss of sales has to be one of the main reasons for businesses to focus on MO. Research found that if a site takes more than three seconds to load, over 50% of users will leave. On top of that, over 30% of users will abandon your site if the shopping basket isn't optimised for mobiles.

MO allows for better brand engagement and increased traffic. How many of you browse sites and apps on your mobile during your commute to work, while watching TV or even while you are on your desktop?.... Exactly.

Some factors to take into account

Responsive web design - Ensure your website(s) is designed and coded to respond the same when accessed on a smartphone or tablet. In a world where we scroll endlessly, the term 'above the fold' no longer applies, but it is important to create a mobile design that is simplified enough to allow users to do the scrolling and enjoy using your site.

Design for 'Man-Hands' - I am sure you have all been on a site that wasn't optimised for mobile use and accidently clicked the wrong button -- 'oops I didn't mean to buy that outfit!' The increase in touch screen navigations means you need to ensure your mobile site is sized correctly or at least allows for zoom!

Pop-Ups are the enemy - How annoying is it when an advert keeps popping up on a site you are trying to browse? Not only is it frustrating but users can think it is spam. It can cause customers to go to a competitor site, resulting in an increased bounce rate.

Consider creating an app - While it is still important to ensure your site is mobile friendly, it can also be a good idea to create an app, especially when it comes to sales! Many sites have alerts telling users there is an app available which can help tailor customer experience.