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Content Marketing


A successful content marketing strategy is one of the cornerstones of any marketing campaign. We use a range of techniques to build a diverse catalogue of natural and highly visible links pointing back to specific, targeted pages on your website.

We understand that the most valuable links in the eyes of the search engines are those that have the highest level of relevance and trust. We therefore spend time researching exactly what you are striving to achieve before targeting the strongest pages on the most authoritative websites in our comprehensive network.

We have a distinct advantage with regards to devising and implementing content marketing campaigns for our clients that allows us to stand apart from many other agencies. We have access to a team of qualified journalists, who are able to create compelling content on a wide range of subjects. Too often, agencies focus upon creating content purely for the sake of being able to embed a link. We believe that this strategy is to the detriment of the overall relevance and success of the campaign. Having a solid grounding and background in the written word also hands us a distinct advantage when it comes to performing keyword research. We understand how important it is to get the anchor text for any link pointing back to your site as relevant as possible and always make sure we strike the correct balance between competitive short-tail phrases and varied long-tail phrases. Staying on top of Google algorithm updates is a crucial part of this process. Ultimately, diversity and creativity is fundamental to our content marketing campaigns.

Services by ICS Digital

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International Services >

Are you expanding internationally? Take advantage of our marketing experience and expertise in numerous sectors across 40 territories.
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Content Marketing >

We use a data-driven approach to interrogate competitor activity before devising a creative content marketing strategy to gain the edge.
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Web Development>

Whether you want to create a new website from scratch, give your existing site a new look or want to integrate new technology, we can help.
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Online PR >

Where does your online target audience hang out? How are these communities influenced by your brand? We can answer these questions, and more.
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Pay Per Click >

We understand the history and future of paid search, and our tools ensure your message reaches the right audience at the right time in the right territory.
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Creative Content >

As content experts, we can create innovative infographics, unique static webpages, engaging news or blog pieces, and everything in between.
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Reputation Management >

Type your company name, or your own, into Google. See any results you'd rather weren't there? Regain control of your online image today.
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