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Our clients @TigerSheds and @NMBCo have come together to create The Brewery Shed🍻 Yep, you heard us! The price tag:……@icsdigital, 28 Nov
Leeds firm @TigerSheds designs world's first 'brewery in a shed' - with some help from…@icsdigital, 27 Nov
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Data Insights

We use data to gather marketing insights, to measure sentiment, to identify which channels will yield the highest returns, and to analyse the activity of competitors in any sector, and in any language.

Advanced Competitor Insight & Analysis

We have developed software to provide extensive analysis of competitor activity in order to suggest the most accurate approach to any particular marketing strategy.

As an example, we can identify brands and sites ranking for key phrases in a certain market and can produce a plan to replicate their success over a period of time.

After starting new campaigns, we run analysis every three months with a view to adjusting the approach if competition has changed direction.

Live Marketing

We have developed an approach whereby we can react quickly to any event and distribute messages across a range of channels in a very short period of time.

These channels include websites (some of which boast very high traffic), social media platforms and a variety of blog networks.

This approach requires us to have a certain level of autonomy but utilised correctly can be a very effective way of targeting the right audience.

Data-driven trend analysis 

We have developed sophisticated technology and software to mine data across a number of platforms to give us insight and direction with digital marketing campaigns.

We use the data to measure sentiment, target exactly the right sort of audience and find the channels which will yield the highest return in terms of both financial ROI, and SEO quality.

The data we collect can also be used to produce various types of content whether it be editorial, audio, video or infographics.

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