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Reputation Management


Managing reputation, either that of an individual or a brand, isn't always an easy task, particularly when trying to manage it both on and offline.

PR calamities can have disastrous and irreversible impacts on companies of all sizes, and the sudden and sustained growth of social media has brought with it a greater need to stop negative stories in their tracks before they are blown out of all proportion.

The problem is, PR disasters can happen to the biggest, most established brands around. Just ask Domino’s Pizza. They can also happen to PR and marketing companies themselves, as Ocean Marketing know all too well. Using data from our bespoke software, we can identify what needs to be done in order to move, or even completely remove, a negative search result, whether it be in the form of a blog, article, or customer complaint gaining traction via social media. At the same time, we can move a positive search result into a far more prominent position. Whether it’s you, your company, or a representative within your brand who needs help, we can turn the focus back to a positive. Without intervention, bad news beats good news online every time, but with our help, you can take back control and turn the fight back in your favour.

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International Services >

Are you expanding internationally? Take advantage of our marketing experience and expertise in numerous sectors across 40 territories.
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Content Marketing >

We use a data-driven approach to interrogate competitor activity before devising a creative content marketing strategy to gain the edge.
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Web Development>

Whether you want to create a new website from scratch, give your existing site a new look or want to integrate new technology, we can help.
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Online PR >

Where does your online target audience hang out? How are these communities influenced by your brand? We can answer these questions, and more.
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Pay Per Click >

We understand the history and future of paid search, and our tools ensure your message reaches the right audience at the right time in the right territory.
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Creative Content >

As content experts, we can create innovative infographics, unique static webpages, engaging news or blog pieces, and everything in between.
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Reputation Management >

Type your company name, or your own, into Google. See any results you'd rather weren't there? Regain control of your online image today.
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