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Online PR

Our Approach

There are several features that define any successful online PR campaign. The first is trust. Like it or not, the large majority of consumers do not trust the intentions of the companies providing them with services and products.

This distrust has largely been created and fueled by the media and often has little foundation in reality but one thing’s for sure: in a consumer-driven world, it’s here to stay.

Rewind 20 years and, when a major news story emerged, conversations would break out at work, around the dinner table, or over the phone. Now, these same conversations and interactions are taking place online, in forums and communities, on social media, and in blogs. 

As a brand, it is crucial that you know how these conversations affect you and your brand or product awareness. 

Through our network of online communities, social media sites, and blogs, we can reach a large number of people very quickly. 

Press Release Creation/Distribution

We have access to a large network of sites for press release distribution. This network includes industry-specific blogs and high-authority sites capable of generating significant traffic.

Our network includes national and regional newspapers and major UK lifestyle magazines.

We can either post a press release created by you, or we can help you with the content creation so your message is conveyed as seamlessly as possible.

Reviews, Giveaways, and Blogger Competitions

We have access to a large network of UK and international bloggers. We can work with them on your behalf to co-ordinate product reviews, product giveaways, and competitions.

Product reviews and giveaways can be a very effective means of building good feeling towards a brand in a very natural way, whilst competitions can build followers on social media or increase traffic to a unique landing page (which we can help to design).

Sector-specific PR Campaigns e.g. Sport

We have access to over 50 football club-specific Twitter accounts, the majority of which have over 5,000 followers, with many boasting over 30,000.

We can use these social media channels to distribute any timely offers you want to promote.

This service is best for competition-specific promotions e.g. Champions League in-play offers, or offers focusing on a big game in the Premier League, where awareness needs to be built quickly and efficiently just before an event.

Many of these Twitter accounts are aligned with fanzine blogs and we can publish on these alongside the social media channels.

We can replicate this service across other sectors, including lifestyle, travel, and technology.

Brand Ambassador Recruitment/Management

We have access to a number of high-profile individuals within the sporting world. We are able to enlist their help for individual or ongoing campaigns.

Alternatively, we can manage the distribution of material from existing brand ambassadors, ensuring that the content reaches as many individuals as possible through text and audio.

Our Clients
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