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Online PR

What We Do

There are several features that define any successful online PR campaign. The first is trust. Like it or not, the large majority of consumers do not trust the intentions of the companies providing them with services and products.

This distrust has largely been created and fueled by the media and often has little foundation in reality but one thing’s for sure: in a consumer-driven world, it’s here to stay.

As a company, what you need to do is use this fact to your advantage. Become the company that consumers have no reason to distrust.  Make a mistake? Admit it. There are very few successful companies that are able to hide behind lies and excuses.

Fifteen years ago, when a major news story emerged, conversations would break out at work, around the dinner table, or perhaps over the phone. Now, though, these same conversations and interactions are taking place online, in forums and communities, on social media, and in personal blogs. As a brand, it is crucial that you know how these conversations affect you, both positively and negatively. Don’t find yourself taken to task by potential customers after failing to engage with consumers in the right way and in the right places.

Another crucial feature of any successful online PR campaign is increasing brand or product awareness. Through our network of online communities, social media sites, and blogs, we can reach a large number of people very quickly. We enjoy devising new and innovative ways to get your message heard or promote your new service/product and we really are passionate about making you a trusted authority across the web.

Finally, we believe it is vital to take into account any offline PR campaigns or strategies that you currently use. We are happy to work closely with your offline PR team in order to create innovative viral content and well-written press releases that are closely aligned with your other marketing efforts.

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