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2Jul 15

Twitter Trends: Ever-evolving emoji’s and their unique presence onlineSometimes, the little things can make a huge difference.

Tom WardmanSocial Media
16Mar 15

Did you know about this social network?So far, Facebook has done pretty well without TV adverts - with an average of 1.3 billion users per month, the giant social media network could hardly complain about a lack of visibility.

Isabelle CarvalhoSocial Media
9Mar 15

The Dress: we all wish we thought of it firstLast week a black and blue (or white and gold) dress – aka #TheDress – broke the internet, and no, it wasn’t one of Kim Kardashian’s dresses.

Ann NguyenSocial Media
16Jan 15

$750,000 a “snap”Snapchat developers Evan Spiegel and Reggie Brown never thought they’d one day set their advertising rate at $750,000 a “snap”. The figure was reported by AdWeek earlier this week.

Ann NguyenSocial Media
13Jun 14

The Most ‘Social’ World Cup of All TimeThe 2014 FIFA World Cup is predicted to smash social media records this year.

Charlotte GreenSocial Media
28Mar 12

FBI Reveal Controversial Plans to Scrape Social DataThe rise of social media over the past five years or so has presented a wealth of opportunities for individuals, companies, government agencies, and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Charlotte GreenSocial Media
23Mar 12

What Happens When the Church and Twitter Collide?This week, The Telegraph ran a story about a vicar from Weston-super-Mare who has taken it upon himself to bring the church crashing into the 21st century.

Charlotte GreenSocial Media
1Dec 10

Are New York Businesses Right to Shun Social Networking?New York is often seen as being on the cutting edge of pretty much everything. Culture, art, fashion, you name it, New York probably got there first.

Charlotte GreenSocial Media
19May 10

Instant Messaging Falls Victim to Social Networking DominanceInstant Messaging (IM) has been one of the victims of the growth of social networking according to a new study.

Charlotte GreenSocial Media
6Dec 09

Iranian authorities impose internet restrictions ahead of protestsFew can deny that the internet, particularly since the rise of social media and social networking, is becoming an increasingly powerful tool and means of instant communication.

Charlotte GreenSocial Media

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