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28Oct '16

Struggling to Market Your Small Business? Read This"The action or business of promoting and selling products or services," is how the Oxford Dictionary defines marketing. Sounds easy enough, right? But where do you start?

17Oct '16

Too. Many. Apps. Just too many.

7Oct '16

Louise Delage’s Instagram Isn’t Real, But it Makes a Good Point

27Sep '16

A sight to behold or a new way to make a spectacle of yourself?Here at ICS-digital, we love a new gadget as much as the next person, but it’s difficult to know what to make of Snapchat’s new ‘Spectacles’.

19Sep '16

Love Thy NeighbourWe’ve all been there: moving into a new house or flat and having absolutely no idea about when the recycling bin is being collected or who’s the go-to local plumber.

14Sep '16

Come and Sit With Us!Imagine this: you’re in the school cafeteria and you just got your lunch. Now, where do you sit?

13Sep '16

Cat photos, Cat photos everywhereBut seriously, who doesn’t love a good cat photo – one glimpse of a funny cat photo and my day is made.

13Sep '16

Snapchat Rehab

12Sep '16

Social media tips from six successful bloggers

29Jul '16

How to use hashtags to increase brand visibility: do’s and don’ts

14Jul '16

The beginning of the end of Snapchat as we know it?

25May '16

Twitter just made four big changes

23Sep '15

Why Facebook’s dislike button is getting the thumbs up and what it means for digital PR

2Jul '15

Twitter Trends: Ever-evolving emoji’s and their unique presence online

16Mar '15

Did you know about this social network?

9Mar '15

The Dress: we all wish we thought of it first

16Jan '15

$750,000 a “snap”

13Jun '14

The Most ‘Social’ World Cup of All Time

28Mar '12

FBI Reveal Controversial Plans to Scrape Social Data

23Mar '12

What Happens When the Church and Twitter Collide?

1Dec '10

Are New York Businesses Right to Shun Social Networking?

19May '10

Instant Messaging Falls Victim to Social Networking Dominance

6Dec '09

Iranian authorities impose internet restrictions ahead of protests

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