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12Feb 15

Polish Search: Understanding SEO and Outreach In PolandWe’ve been working on Polish digital marketing campaigns since 2010, accruing a wealth of knowledge along the way about this most intriguing and influential of markets.

Industry NewsCharlotte Green
3Feb 15

Italian Search: Understanding SEO and Outreach In Italy We’re very excited to announce that we’ve just teamed up with Citation Labs in the US to provide a brand new Italian footprint for their link-prospecting tool.

Industry NewsCharlotte Green
30Jan 15

The Good Wife? Sixty years of sexist advertisingThe sales pitch may have got shorter, but the concept is still there… “Modern” ads are still marked by the same stereotypes about women’s roles which prevailed in previous decades. And it hasn’t gone subtler either.

Industry NewsIsabelle Carvalho
23Jan 15

RIP Google GlassGoogle is terminating its sales of Google Glass around the world just months after launching in the UK. The Glass was praised for being productive and innovative, but a £1,000 price tag was just too much for consumers to pay out.

Industry NewsAnn Nguyen
16Jul 14

Excitement For Dropbox & DT But Real Challenges Lie AheadThe rise and rise of Dropbox shows no sign of abating, and today it has been announced that the company has partnered up with Deutsche Telekom (DT) in a deal that will see the service preloaded onto the smartphones of consumers living in a number of European countries.

Industry NewsCharlotte Green
4Jun 13

Why Competition and Comparison Aren’t Always HealthyOnline, many companies and individuals spend their time comparing themselves to others in a similar field.

Industry NewsCharlotte Green
21Jan 11

Now it’s Google vs GrouponNot many firms turn down an offer from Google, and not many firms turn down a bid of $6 billion to buy them.

Industry NewsCharlotte Green

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