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20Mar 15

Why content marketers need to learn about data journalismEven though their main goals are completely different, content marketing and journalism at the very least share the same form. For that reason, there are lots of things they can learn from each other.

Diego BocanegraContent

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22 Apr
Happy #EarthDay everyone! It's such a lovely day - did you walk or cycle into work? #Spring
21 Apr
We can't believe the Sun still has its hat on - Lets hope it lasts 'til the weekend. #Yorkshire #Leeds #officehours

Fri, Apr 22

Happy Earth Day everyone! Our offices are based in Leeds and we are lucky to have beautiful walking trails and picnic spots right on our door-step!

Mon, Apr 18

Video Production

With Vine’s recent addition of the ‘watch’ button, snapchat’s story updates and Facebook’s live broadcast it is clear video is at the forefront of consumer engagement. We have a talented team of on-site broadcast journalists who can supply quick and meaningful reaction to trending topics branded to suit any client in any sector.