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10Aug 16

Know Your Target Audience: Connecting meaningfully with your customersIn the flood of businesses, companies, and brands, it can be difficult to connect with customers.

Zoe BloggIndustry News
1Aug 16

Happy Yorkshire Day! Let's Celebrate Some of our Best BusinessesIt's that time of the year again when the counties of the UK gaze longingly at Yorkshire and wish they could be just as great as we are.

Zoe BloggIndustry News
29Jul 16

How to use hashtags to increase brand visibility: do’s and don’tsThe world of hashtags can be cruel and even scary at times, but if used correctly the right hashtag can take your business to new heights.

Zoe Blogg
26Jul 16

What we can learn from last year's PR failsWith people becoming increasingly desensitised to traditional forms of advertising, recent years have seen the rise of controversial PR campaigns to catch our attention.

Zoe BloggIndustry News
18Jul 16

The launch of Pokémon Go and what it means for marketersUnless you have been living under a rock for the past week, you'll know that the Pokémon Go app recently launched in the UK... and the majority of us are obsessed.

Zoe Blogg
14Jul 16

The beginning of the end of Snapchat as we know it? Snapchat creates 'memories' feature.

Emma CareySocial Media
8Jul 16

#WhatIReallyReallyWant The campaign that has stuck in everyone's minds this week is the Project Everyone #WhatIReallyReallyWant campaign.

Zoe BloggIndustry News
25May 16

Twitter just made four big changesIt has been a long time coming but Twitter are finally going to 'relax' their 140-character limit.

Zoe BloggSocial Media
1Mar 16

ICS-digital Named In List of Top 50 Digital AgenciesWe're very proud to have been listed at position 32 in the 2016 edition of the Prolific North Top 50 Digital Agencies.

Charlotte GreenICS-digital News
25Feb 16

Facebook rolls out 'reaction' buttons and 'dislike' isn't one of themIt has been a long time coming but yesterday Facebook finally launched a range of Emoji reactions for posts.

Zoe BloggIndustry News
24Feb 16

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Mobile OptimisationIn 2015, it was announced that traffic to retail websites via mobile overtook desktop traffic for the first time ever!

Zoe BloggMobile SEO
23Feb 16 earns big PR win thanks to ASA Forget meerkats with questionable accents. Forget annoying moustachioed opera singers.

Charlotte GreenIndustry News
2Feb 16

Getting to Grips with Baidu: The Chinese Search EngineIn the crowded world of search engines, Google dominates in nearly every country worldwide, apart from two major exceptions.

Ben HendersonSEO
29Jan 16

ICS-digital Launch iGaming Overview VlogGlobal digital marketing agency ICS-digital's recently-launched iGaming Overview vlog is becoming increasingly popular with people who are looking for a bite-sized round-up of the main news in the iGaming industry.

Zoe BloggICS-digital News
20Jan 16

Digital Marketing and PR: Six Predictions for 2016 We’re already 20 days into 2016 and memories of boozy Christmas nights out and days spent slobbing out on the sofa with a fistful of Ferrero Rocher and rubbish TV on the box are fading faster than we’d like to admit. For all involved in the digital marketing and PR industry, it’s time to get your game face on and look forward to a big year in 2016.

Charlotte GreenIndustry News
23Sep 15

Why Facebook’s dislike button is getting the thumbs up and what it means for digital PRThe debate about whether Facebook should implement a dislike button has long been brewing. Advocates argue that not everything in life is there to be approved and the option to dislike is a natural addition to that little thumbs-up we all know and love.

Emma Carey
31Jul 15

Keyword tools are dying: Replacing ubersuggest and similar research toolsMany popular internet marketing tools will soon never be the same again-do you know how to ride the storm?

Ben HendersonIndustry NewsSEO
2Jul 15

Twitter Trends: Ever-evolving emoji’s and their unique presence onlineSometimes, the little things can make a huge difference.

Tom WardmanSocial Media
1Jul 15

ICS Goes to Ripon!Here at ICS there are three things we love; getting dressed up, having a few drinks and having a bet or two. Luckily our summer night out to Ripon Races was the perfect combination!

Celia Roche
8Jun 15

To Think the UnthinkableCreativity – How to do it.

Emer Nugent
5Jun 15

Technorati for Outreach and Online PR: Classic resource, new techniquesThe most famous of all the blog directories, the Technorati index is now dead-or is it?

Ben HendersonSEO
20May 15

The EurovisionWhat on Earth?

Emer Nugent
1May 15

What makes good content? (Warning: Contains the word clickbait)

Pete Fraser
8Apr 15

April Fool’s Day What they don’t want you to know

Emer NugentBlogging
27Mar 15

Breaking the internet one meme at a timeWho can forget Kim Kardashian “breaking” the internet last November by posing nude in Paper Magazine?

Astrid Ovstetun
20Mar 15

Why content marketers need to learn about data journalismEven though their main goals are completely different, content marketing and journalism at the very least share the same form. For that reason, there are lots of things they can learn from each other.

Diego BocanegraContent
19Mar 15

Swedish Search: Understanding SEO and Outreach In Sweden As you may already know if you’ve read our previous blogs on search in Poland and search in Italy, this year has seen us team up with Citation Labs in the USA to make international prospecting easier and more efficient than ever before.

Charlotte GreenIndustry News
16Mar 15

Did you know about this social network?So far, Facebook has done pretty well without TV adverts - with an average of 1.3 billion users per month, the giant social media network could hardly complain about a lack of visibility.

Isabelle CarvalhoSocial Media
11Mar 15

Secrets to improving pagespeed (and pagespeed insights alternatives)Webpage load speed is a crucial element in modern Search Engine Optimisation. Be ahead of the pack with these free tools and optimisation tips.

Ben HendersonSEO
9Mar 15

The Dress: we all wish we thought of it firstLast week a black and blue (or white and gold) dress – aka #TheDress – broke the internet, and no, it wasn’t one of Kim Kardashian’s dresses.

Ann NguyenSocial Media
6Mar 15

Writing with confidence: Six fool-proof proofreading tipsSo, you have put in the hours coming up with a great, catchy, unique piece of content and you’re ready and raring to go. But all too often that amazing piece of copy can be completely undermined by something as simple as the odd spelling or grammar error.

Emma CareyBlogging
6Mar 15

14 Wordpress plugins you're probably not using (and why you should)Wordpress has many upsides, but having everything a webmaster could need out of the box isn't one of them. Enter the plugin gallery, with some less-well known entries you can find out about below.

Ben HendersonBloggingSEO
18Feb 15

Monitoring the world's search results-tools and resources In the ever–evolving world of search marketing it is often the case that, as the old adage says, knowledge is power.

Ben HendersonSEO
12Feb 15

Polish Search: Understanding SEO and Outreach In PolandWe’ve been working on Polish digital marketing campaigns since 2010, accruing a wealth of knowledge along the way about this most intriguing and influential of markets.

Charlotte GreenIndustry News
11Feb 15

ICS-digital experience ICE Totally Gaming 2015A few of us from the ICS-digital team took the journey down to London last week to attend the ICE Totally Gaming 2015 conference at the ExCel Exhibition and Convention Centre hosted by Clarion Events.

Ann NguyenICS-digital News
3Feb 15

Italian Search: Understanding SEO and Outreach In Italy We’re very excited to announce that we’ve just teamed up with Citation Labs in the US to provide a brand new Italian footprint for their link-prospecting tool.

Charlotte GreenIndustry News
30Jan 15

ICS-digital at the Northern Digital Awards 22/1/2015Last week, we attended the inaugural Northern Digital Awards at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, an event that celebrates everything good about this industry in the North.

Charlotte GreenICS-digital News
30Jan 15

The Good Wife? Sixty years of sexist advertisingThe sales pitch may have got shorter, but the concept is still there… “Modern” ads are still marked by the same stereotypes about women’s roles which prevailed in previous decades. And it hasn’t gone subtler either.

Isabelle CarvalhoIndustry News
23Jan 15

RIP Google GlassGoogle is terminating its sales of Google Glass around the world just months after launching in the UK. The Glass was praised for being productive and innovative, but a £1,000 price tag was just too much for consumers to pay out.

Ann NguyenIndustry News
16Jan 15

$750,000 a “snap”Snapchat developers Evan Spiegel and Reggie Brown never thought they’d one day set their advertising rate at $750,000 a “snap”. The figure was reported by AdWeek earlier this week.

Ann NguyenSocial Media
16Jul 14

Excitement For Dropbox & DT But Real Challenges Lie AheadThe rise and rise of Dropbox shows no sign of abating, and today it has been announced that the company has partnered up with Deutsche Telekom (DT) in a deal that will see the service preloaded onto the smartphones of consumers living in a number of European countries.

Charlotte GreenIndustry News
9Jul 14

Bad Coffee, Perfect Penalties, and Unexpected Sunburn: ICS-digital Peter Shilton PR Day for BetfairLast month, on the first day of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, we headed down south to Hackney Marshes in East London to help (with Betfair's assistance) link up a group of football fanatical bloggers with a football legend in the form of goalkeeper Peter Shilton.

Charlotte GreenICS-digital News
4Jul 14

A Media Agency: DissectedIf you’ve spent any time involved in the online marketing, media, or PR industries, either agency-side or client-side, it’s pretty likely that you’ll have come across your fair share of characters, and endured your fair share of “enlightening” experiences.

Charlotte GreenSEO
13Jun 14

The Most ‘Social’ World Cup of All TimeThe 2014 FIFA World Cup is predicted to smash social media records this year.

Charlotte GreenSocial Media
6Jun 13

Ten Ways To Overcome A Blogging Mindblock Even the best bloggers who write successful blogs run out of things to write about now and again.

Charlotte GreenBlogging
4Jun 13

Why Competition and Comparison Aren’t Always HealthyOnline, many companies and individuals spend their time comparing themselves to others in a similar field.

Charlotte GreenIndustry News
28Mar 12

FBI Reveal Controversial Plans to Scrape Social DataThe rise of social media over the past five years or so has presented a wealth of opportunities for individuals, companies, government agencies, and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Charlotte GreenSocial Media
23Mar 12

What Happens When the Church and Twitter Collide?This week, The Telegraph ran a story about a vicar from Weston-super-Mare who has taken it upon himself to bring the church crashing into the 21st century.

Charlotte GreenSocial Media
21Jan 11

Now it’s Google vs GrouponNot many firms turn down an offer from Google, and not many firms turn down a bid of $6 billion to buy them.

Charlotte GreenIndustry News
1Dec 10

Are New York Businesses Right to Shun Social Networking?New York is often seen as being on the cutting edge of pretty much everything. Culture, art, fashion, you name it, New York probably got there first.

Charlotte GreenSocial Media
19May 10

Instant Messaging Falls Victim to Social Networking DominanceInstant Messaging (IM) has been one of the victims of the growth of social networking according to a new study.

Charlotte GreenSocial Media
6Dec 09

Iranian authorities impose internet restrictions ahead of protestsFew can deny that the internet, particularly since the rise of social media and social networking, is becoming an increasingly powerful tool and means of instant communication.

Charlotte GreenSocial Media

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Know Your Target Audience: Connecting meaningfully with your customers

Do you know your target audience? Knowing your target audience and most importantly knowing your own company will help you stand out from your competitors and be seen by the (potential) customers who really matter.